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1987-1990 Jeep Cherokee Alternator Powermaster Jeep Alternator 57902


POWERMASTER HIGH-PERFORMANCE ALTERNATORS FOR GM ENGINESMaking upgrades to your classic GM vehicle but you want to retain the original look? Reinforce your vehicles electrical system with a Powermaster High-Performance Alternator to keep the classic GM look under hood but with reliable state-of-the-art innards. If your vehicle is equipped with a powerful aftermarket audio system, your stock alternator will be underpowered and overburdened at times by trying to supply power to both electronics and your engine. This causes your vehicles lights to dim and battery to drain. Installing a Powermaster High-Performance Alternator on a modified engine will provide the extra electrical power needed, starting from idle all the way to the redline. Powermaster is best known as a specialist performance manufacturer, providing high performance alternators and starters primarily for American cars, trucks and SUVs.Manufactured in the U.S.APerfect for classic GM restorationsPopular GM cases such as CS130, 12SI and 17SI and many others are all made by PowermasterExcellent idle outputChoose from five finishes chrome, satin, natural, black or polishedChoice of 1-wire or original 3-wire style installationsEvery Powermaster alternator is tested before it leaves the factory, (certificate of testing included)

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